Wake Up and Smell the Copy

Like caffeine in coffee, copywriting gives marketing its zing. It’s about more than writing creative, readable content. It’s about making each word work for your business.

What We Serve

Copywriting is every word on your website, your print collateral, your newsletters, your press releases, and your advertising. In short, it’s how you present your business to the world.

  • Is your home page welcoming and easy to navigate?
  • Are your product descriptions enticing and accurate?
  • Do your blog posts contain the right keywords?
  • Are you offering up content people want to read? Does it drive traffic and sales?

At French Press Marketing, we believe copywriting is half art, half science — and all strategy.

Most copywriters will take the general content you give them and polish it. Our approach is different. Taking your corporate culture, your audience, and your business goals into consideration, we work with you to develop an effective content strategy.

We write original, relevant, and creative content specifically for your audience — content that is never duplicated anywhere else, and always optimized for search engine algorithms.

What Are You Having?

Ready to brew a new marketing strategy? Contact us to start revitalizing and refocusing your brand’s copy today.