A Rich Blend of Branding for Your Business

French Roast, Dark Roast, Hawaii Kona, Medium Blend – coffee drinkers recognize these blends at a glance and know exactly what they represent. Your branding can and should do the same for customers in your market.

What We Serve

Far from instant, and never short-order – when French Press Marketing works with you, we take our time to make your branding a rich blend of your products, people, and principles. Just like coffee brewed in a French press, we take the time and extra care to learn your industry, your company, and your culture in order to create a branding strategy that will infuse every aspect of your organization. We can (and have) branded everything from autoresponder messages to on-hold messages; from vehicle wraps to gift wrap.

At French Press Marketing, we create a comprehensive brand strategy that takes your ideal customer into account, based on our own market research and your own input. Your website, your mission, your messaging, your culture statement, your graphic design—no stone is left unturned, no bean unroasted.

When it comes to a great cup of coffee, it’s more than just the brew. It’s the blend, including the things you might not consider when your business needs a jolt. That’s where we come in – we know it’s not just what you’re serving, but how you’re serving it. We can look closely at your business and help you craft the entire experience – bean, brew and baristas.

What Are You Having?

Could your company’s branding use a flavorful new blend? Contact us to re-energize your business today!