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Graphic Design That Perks Up Your Brand

Graphic design keeps your brand fresh. Which would you rather have — a stale cup of gas station brew, or a frothy, fresh latte from your local coffee shop? Which would you rather serve up to a prospective client?

What We Serve

A magazine ad, a business card, a brochure, or even your logo can often make the first impression, setting the tone with prospective clients. Impeccable graphic design is more than just pretty pictures or eye-catching layouts; it’s a combination of carefully considered elements specifically designed to unify and strengthen your brand.

When a company’s graphic design goes cold in the cup, it takes the keen eye of professionals like French Press Marketing to keep your brand piping hot. We specialize in inventive graphic design solutions: a suite of integrated logos for a group of sister companies, a custom comic book, and, in one instance, a unique Grand Opening invitation that sparked an entirely new print media campaign:

With a new, state-of-the-art Kitchen and Bath Design Center, a cabinetry company wanted an invitation that did more than just announce ‘when and where’ for their grand opening party. We brainstormed and developed a unique brochure with a gatefold opening that mimicked both cabinetry doors, and the entrance to their new showroom. The invitation so charmed their clientele, the company then requested we create brochures for each showroom location using the same concept. With one smart design, we elevated the company’s entire suite of print media and helped them make a splash at industry trade shows.

What Are You Having?

Ready for a company that will whip up fresh graphic design concepts tailored to your exact taste? Reach out to us today to start the conversation.