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SEM and SEO: The Perfect Web Marketing Brew

Much like a very particular coffee order, web marketing can be a little confusing to some. “I’ll have a venti, skinny hazelnut website with sugar-free SEO, light remarketing, extra blog, no whip”…the goals can quickly get obscured by the terminology.

What We Serve

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is often what people mean when they reach out for internet marketing help. This includes paid advertising, sponsored content, and banner ads that target (and re-target) your ideal customer via their browsing habits. There’s a science to these banners, a return on investment that has to do with everything from the real estate of the space to the ways we get your message in front of your customers. Remarketing, geotargeting, longtail keywords – we know all of the jargon, but more importantly, we can explain it in a way anyone can understand. We practice complete transparency so our clients always understand the strategies behind the spend.

If SEM is the internet advertising brew you buy, SEO is the recipe we write. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is created via organic content – custom blog posts, testimonials, meta descriptions, alt tags and more. Every word is written by our in-house team of professional writers, for your audience. We cannot overstate the power of skilled SEO; it’s been the key to success for many of our clients.

Like great coffee, great internet marketing requires a strong blend of both SEM and SEO. We developed our internet marketing division because too many times, we saw people paying for AdWords and SEM management in a bubble. Our primary goal is always to make your audience’s search habits work naturally for your business while supplementing with SEM as needed.

What Are You Having?

Your order may sound complicated to you, but the professionals at French Press Marketing are eager to whip it up. Reach out today and we’ll show you how we’ve perfected this strange brew.